IoT Sensor

IOT SENSORS has developed and manufacture sensors for vertical and horizontal measurements, using sound (Ultrasonic) or light (ToF/optical) to detect movements or changes of state within the relevant operational field. The data will be transmitted to any relevant administrative platform.

That sounds simple enough –but it isn’t…!

That is why we have some extremely skilled collegues to secure encrypted 3-dimensional data being transmitted into linked flexible operating optimization databases and functional platforms using WLAN, NB-Iot or LoRa. The systems and databases have as well as great built-in flexibility in relation to data sharing with external operational and administrative systems (open data) also full API flexibility – so you can get the data directly onto your existing screen/monitor.

SO – we have developed a complete and unique system consisting of


Which registers the volume level and/or distances.


Store and handle encrypted data and consists of e.g. an automatic pick-up request system, registering single
sensor data, actions required, content level and stored historical data on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis. Data  can be automatically transferred through API or .jason/.csv files to your own backend or web based platform.


For easy set-up, monitoring and planning.

The fully automated sensor system is “Made in Denmark” with a high degree of environmentally friendly processing, quality production with ISO 9001 and 14001certifications and the use of re-usable materials where possible – and naturally all this at a price where you are sure to save money.

 Now – we have made it simple…

We make sensors for: